Please review the following terms and conditions carefully.

Before having any firearm transferred (FFL Transfer) to Spartan Arms:

All transfers once received have a 24 hour process time before we contact the customer. DO NOT CALL BEFORE THE 24 HR OF DELIVERY TO OUR STORE. If we get it inputted before the 24hr time frame we will contact you to come pick it up.

  • Incoming transfer fees are $40.00 per firearm.
  • Only the Transferee can pick up firearm.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Background checks are $25.00 if required.
  • NFA transfers $50. (Transfer only) $60 for Form 4 completion.
  • Transferee is also responsible for  NV state taxes that apply. Invoice must be printed for pick up.
  • Current NV resident (hand gun only)
  • All incoming firearms must be sent with a FFL License.
  • Transfer must include an invoice or receipt for proper tax collection.  If no receipt, tax will be collected on fair market value of firearm.

Any customer that gets denied with their background check is responsible for paying background check fees ($25) along with return shipping fees, transfer fees and a service fee of $30.00. Otherwise the firearm will be forfeited to Spartan Arms possession within 30days.

  • Spartan Arms is NOT liable for any damaged or missing items. Please contact the seller/carrier directly for all claims.
  • Spartan Arms will not be liable for seller shipping to incorrect address.

Please make sure you are legally eligible to own a firearm and are willing to fulfill all local, state, and municipal requirements before buying a firearm.


  • Outgoing transfers have a $45.00 fee plus shipping and boxing fees.
  • You must have a current FFL License of where you’re transferring the firearm to. Email it to [email protected]
  • When transferring your firearm, you will be responsible for purchasing insurance with the shipping carrier to ensure your firearm from obtaining any damage during delivery.
  • We will not ship to California.

Contact us for any questions